Travel in style without having to move with HIMMIH. From location to location. From setting to setting. On a journey you will never know what is next, HIMMIH gives season-less collections. So you are prepared for anything.

Inspired by different parts of the world, HIMMIH represents a mix of lifestyles. No need to settle for one taste. The collections of HIMMIH are a divine blend of global influences. Create countless looks with versatile pieces that show your identity.

Get the nomadic city look with exquisite evening wear, fine dresses and season transcending statement pieces. You can expect unisex tunics, kandora’s, and two piece sets made for every occasion. HIMMIH knows you do not want to settle for one look! HIMMIH designs garments inspired by the nomadic practical philosophy of different cultures.

This allows you to wear the pieces in every season, for every occasion. Whether you are dressing for a hot summer night strolling through the city or for a cold dark winter night, HIMMIH has you covered. Play with layers to create the look you are looking for. Feel exclusive in inclusive apparel. HIMMIH allows you to make a strong statement of your individuality and identity, without losing the sense of togetherness.

Every collection includes handpicked fabrics and trimmings. The vibrant colours and rich textures cause a striking
appearance. Unique handmade embroideries and accessories finish the presence. All you need to turn heads.

With the versatile apparel of HIMMIH no occasion will be lost. A look for every one of them. The timeless design allows you to enjoy your pieces longer than one season. Add the wardrobe essentials and you are set to steal the show, over and over again. HIMMIH provides a limitless look with seasonless collections which includes versatile pieces designed to be layered.

HIMMIH approaches fashion focused on the processes and resources, particularly focusing on sustainability. By season transcending collections HIMMIH allows you to wear your favourite pieces any time of the year. HIMMIH produces less items, adds excellent basics and only goes for exceptional quality.

The qualitative garments are produced to last and the seasonless collections are made to be timeless. It has clean designs and on top of that all pieces are multifaceted. Entirely for you to enjoy every piece of clothing longer than you are used to. Do you need anything else?

Focusing on sustainability, HIMMIH values local resources. Local but globally, as every part of the world has their own specialty. From the best lace, handmade embroidery, to rich fabrics, everything is sourced from its core. Expect locally produced and sold materials.

HIMMIH values locality just as much as you. That is why HIMMIH works with local craftsmen in Amsterdam and Tanger. With an eye for local talents HIMMIH finds the best artisans to produce fine pieces. Constantly innovating together, testing new fabrics and improving silhouettes.

It is not a surprise that HIMMIH chose Amsterdam as their hub. Amsterdam is a melting pot of local talent, different cultures and inspiration. HIMMIH is an homage to culture, nomads, and style.