The launch event of the come back collection 2022

The launch event of the come back collection 2022

In celebration of Himmih’s come-back collection

Amsterdam, April 23rd 2022

This month, Hanan Himmi launched her come-back collection with an exclusive Ramadan event. An inner-circle of clients and friends gathered in her hometown, Amsterdam, curious to witness what they’ve been waiting for. Alongside the presentation of designs, guests were entertained with a surprise performance and Iftar from Afghan cuisine. 

After a few launching delays, we were all the more excited to get a glimpse of what Himmih created. Most invitees know the designer for her innovative twists and talents, allowing the benches to be filled in front of the well-decorated stage of a local creative hub.

When presented with the different themes within the collection, the audience witnessed Himmih’s international and inclusive angle. The collection showed itself to be multifarious, including a variety of matching sets, from smart and edgy to more festivity and spark. As portrayed by a set of gorgeous models, what we saw made us curious to discover more.

However, first we were surprised with the sincere act of Zaineb el Bouni. This spoken word artist opened up about concerns and emotions we all deal with, through poetry and speech. Her show softened the energy and added to a sense of community.

Once the curtains opened, it was time for a closer look and some fitting of designs. Guests could shop HIMMIH’s items directly and bring it home in branded protection sleeves as well as cute branded paper bags. 

Manufactured in both The Netherlands and Morocco, creations consist of a beautiful mix of fabric, colour, pattern and sparkle; forming a nomadic feast with some serious allure. We find more multifarious angles, such as asian inspired kimono kaftans, pepita chequered sets and wrapable tunics. The broad collection entails a whole look, from trousers, tunics, and dresses to t-shirts, coats and bodywarmers.

Our editor’s favorites are the multipurpose sets. These North African inspired duo's support comfort and quick routines, without having a woman lose her style and allure. The sets can be worn both casually and festively, depending on how you choose to style them.   

Another pleasant surprise within Himmih’s collection were her items, designed from a nonexclusive perspective. Her mix of smart body warmers and kandora’s invite all sexes to flourish like a modern go-getter.

The event ended in a friendly and decorated space, where fashionlovers were invited to connect over a tasteful iftar from Afghan cuisine. No doubt the friendly crowd took on some of the designer’s passion and smiles, leaving the event inspired and eager for all that’s next to come.  

With most pieces tenderly created from her Amsterdam home, designer HIMMIH is now successfully on her way to establish a world-class brand. 

  • The Editor